The extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda, obtained from the careful selection of Leccino, Casaliva and Frantoio olives, has always been considered a high quality condiment for healthy eating, from the youngest age to old age. It is considered among the best olive oils in the world for its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Our Extra Virgin Oil is made by traditional grinding of the olives from the hills of the western banks of Lake Garda, which are picked by hand and crushed at the right time with millstones using the cold system.
It is a genuine product with a fruity perfume and characteristically intense flavor. Used raw on vegetables and meats, it enhances their taste with the fragrance of its flavor. It is highly recommended for its particular characteristics for cooking fried food and for very delicate dishes, in particular for grilled and boiled fish and for white meats.


The oil comes from the production of the western banks of Lake Garda and is a result of the research owed to the continuously initiatives taken for obtaining the recognition of secure, protected and certified origin of the extra virgin olive oil from the olive trees cultivated on the hills of the Brescian banks of Lake Garda.
This recognition allows our product to insert itself among those of certified protected origin and of superior quality. Our oil is known for its organoleptic and sensorial qualities.
Characteristics of quality joined with particular methods of production: the olives are pressed within 4 days from the picking with traditional millstones, the pulp passes from the kneading machine to the hydraulic presses then to the centrifugal separator, and the working is carried out in the cold in as much as the temperature of the product never passes 27° C during the entire extraction process; then through the cotton filter and finally in the appropriate storage container, the oil is ready for bottling.
Extra virgin olive “Garda Bresciano” D.O.P. is recognized for authenticity and typical antioxidant qualities.
It is produced from olives of olive trees selected for the quality of Casaliva and Frantoio, which are characteristic of the zone. For its characteristic lightness and medium to light fruity aroma, the oil is particularly suggested for most dishes, especially for grilled fish, grilled red meat, soups and raw or cooked vegetables.