Cooperativa Agricola Possidenti Oliveti

Historic Oil Mill and Oil Mill in Limone sul Garda

Garda lake oil production

It starts with the harvest, which is done strictly by hand with the help of wooden ladders and tarps to be spread under the tree to harvest the fruit, just as it was once done. We then move on to cold pressing, operated by two massive granite millstones.

Cold Pressed Oil from Garda Bresciano

We produce and sell excellent DOP Extra Virgin olive oil with our cold pressed oil operations, in Garda Bresciano.

Historic Oil Mill and Oil Mill in Limone sul Garda

From the centuries-old tradition of olive growing in the Upper Garda Bresciano, the Possidenti Oliveti Agricultural Cooperative was born: the company of reference for the production and sale of the best extra virgin olive oil d.o.p. “Garda Brescia”.

At our historic headquarters in via Campaldo 10 in Limone sul Garda, province of Brescia, you will find the oil mill, the oil mill, the shop for direct sales, but also a special oil museum, open to the public from April to October.

Oil mill and oil mill in Limone sul Garda
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Garda DOP Bresciano oil

Discover the oil

Our oil production, with an innovative cold pressing, as the temperature during processing does not exceed 27 ° C, guarantees the quality and genuineness of the product to be used for most of the recipes in the kitchen.

The characteristics of our Garda DOP Bresciano Limone sul Garda oil, all made in Italy, as the olives come from neighboring areas, guarantee an authentic experience between tastes.

The smell of cut grass, the fruity flavor with a bitter and spicy aftertaste, the right amount of oleic acid, the strong and unmistakable color of yellow and green, are all qualities that are found in a good oil, and our extra virgin olive oil. olive “Garda Bresciano d.o.p.” it’s really good!


Discover with us the secrets of extra virgin olive oil: an Italian excellence, whose history begins with the dawn of civilization.

Sale of cheeses and cured meats Limone sul Garda

Our company specializes in the sale of cheeses and cured meats in Limone sul Garda. The ancient dairy tradition of these areas continues today through the production of “Garda”, a semi-soft hard and semi-cooked cheese which, based on its maturation, can be consumed both as a combination of dishes. meal, both from grater. We deal with direct sales to the consumer for all our cheeses produced.

Always careful to satisfy every need of its customers, our oil mill in Limone sul Garda specializes in particular in the retail sale of cured meats of beef, horse, chicken and turkey, pork and veal, all certified and selected with treatment.


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Visit Limone sul Garda - Media Gallery
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